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Oct 07, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
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Fury-'57 Description

Fury-‘57 Ground Attack 3D

Get ready to participate in the next generation of 3D flight games. Fury-’57 is an incredibly exciting and challenging 3D Air-to-Ground Attack simulation. Physics-based real 3D action places you in the cockpit of the advanced Fury-‘57 fighter. This fighter, flown only by the best, is a simulation of a hypothetical tank killer update to the venerable F-86 Sabre Jet. You choose the mission and attack profile. In the Fury-‘57 cockpit you enter the battlefield at a random location, use your Radar to reconnoiter the enemy position and plan your attack mission.

An advanced mission and flight computer is at your disposal to aid in a quick victory and guaranteed mission success. Interactive cockpit controls with classic sensors and weapons give the Fury-‘57 unequaled lethality. Range selectable radar locates the enemy and tracks each missile fired. On-screen target and missile lock indicator cues guide your attack. Tracking boxes show missile position through its flight path to the target. Select your preferred attack weapon, missiles or guns, then switch to chase view for a widescreen profile of the battlefield.

The Fury-‘57 is a formidable fighting machine armed with 24 Vindicator ram jet fire and forget missiles that lock onto a target and pick a trajectory based on target type and range. Targets highlighted by the Fury-‘57 fire control system are a sure kill within the missile field of view unless gravity takes over at max range. Missiles fired without a target lock function just like the venerable Zuni rocket. They are unguided and fly until they hit the ground, a tank, or a building.

A remarkable fully automatic, Gatling derivative, rail-gun armed with explosive tracer rounds completes the missile armament. You feel the recoil of the guns as they fire. Automated projectile generation from an onboard titanium billet gives the Fury-‘57 almost limitless ammunition. Shell case ejection is apparent as the guns are fired in chase view. Chase view offers added realism as machine gun shell casings float by the view port.

Choose your favorite attack posture, combine high-dive and treetop attack to complete your mission. High dive or treetop profiles from any direction or elevation can be combined with an infinite number of attack angles in the real 3D environment. Switch between cockpit or chase view in real-time as you execute your mission. Destruction of four to eight tanks and multiple buildings completes the mission.

Be careful when flying close to the mountains. Some close encounters with the mountains will result in a crash. The enemy has installed a weapon abatement system behind the mountains to shield their base from long-range weapons. Fury-‘57’s advanced mission computer system has brought you into the valley in a cloaked mode. Once detected by the enemy, Fury-‘57 cannot exit the valley until the base controlling the abatement system is destroyed.

Follow the tutorials through "flight school" or dive right into your mission to experience the thrill of real 3D ground attack. Single touch Joystick control on any portion of the screen gives aircraft pitch and roll. Single touch right to left on the rudder pedals provides yaw control. Combining the two control functions on the rudder pedals provides flight control similar to an aircraft.

In the mission prior to this your Fury-‘57 has taken hits and your flight computer is less than reliable. Some functions are limited. Your landing gear is inoperable. The throttles will only command three levels of power: low, medium, and afterburner. The engine is still performing at maximum efficiency. Thrust to weight ratio is 2.75 to 1, which gives you the ease to pull up and fly vertical with no hesitation.

Are you good enough to come in at treetop level and wipe out the enemy before Allied forces are overrun? Buy now and get into the real 3D world of Fury-‘57 action adventure.

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