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Jan 04, 2014
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There will be no need of filling your device’s memory with music and video files. You will find everything you need about music, video, radio and ringtones here!!! 


* This programme finds and downloads everything you need from the internet.

* More than 250 millions of videos and music is within your easy reach. It is enough to write the name of the video or music you want to download in the search part. 

* Everything you need is here - domestic music, foreign music, radio, psalms, soundtracks, video clips, film sections etc.

* If you don’t want to search for music and video one by one you can use the ready playlists.

* Display only HD quality music and videos inserting HD filters to your searches.

* You can display music or videos similar to those you like.


* Unlimited download opportunity.

* If you don’t want to spend your quota you can listen to music or videos on the road, at work, at home, in your car, everywhere by downloading them without a need for an internet connection.

* You can download lots of music and videos at the same time.

* There is a download support on the background. If your download process is left unfinished it will start from the place it was left after you switch on the programme.

* With the Stop / Continue feature you can continue to the download process of large size files whenever you want.

* You can adjust the size/quality of the file you want to download.


* You can set as a ringtone the music or video you want.

* You can share with your friends the ringtones you have composed.

* You can use as a ringtone any part of a film, serial, trailer, music or any other video by clipping it.


* Create playlists especially for you, categorize your music, radio and videos, after that listen to your playlists by one click.

* You can play the music and videos in the iPod library.

* You can transfer the programme music and videos to other devices.


* Nearly 6000 radio channels are within your easy reach.

* Add the radios you commonly use to your list of favourites.

* You can add any radio channel to the programme.


* The music or videos you play with the sleep mode will switch off automatically at the time you want.

* You can change the play speed of the music or videos between 0.5x and 2.0x.

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