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Jun 03, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 1245

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FriFi - GPS Friend Finder and Free SMS Style Chat


FriFi - GPS Friend Finder and Description

To receive instant notifications for the free SMS Chat and location updates you must have notifications switched on for FriFi under Settings->Notifications on your iPhone.

See for Information and FAQ.

FriFi enables two or more users of the App to locate each other and chat to each other in an SMS style with no SMS charges whatsoever. It alerts you via Apples Push Notification Services to location updates or incoming chats even if the application is not running.

Also get routes to friends locations, simply tap their pin and then arrow on the right hand side.

You simply add a contact using their email address, If they approve your friend request then you are able to converse using the free SMS style chat and share ongoing location information with each other using your iPhones and FriFi.

Complete privacy is available at any time by preventing some or all of your contacts from seeing your location.

Add more than one location for your friends to see by using our innovative drop, drag and edit pins. Create your own descriptions of places on your map for your friends to find.

Simply tap the 'Drop Pin' button and drag the resulting pin around to where you want it placed. Once you’ve shared your location again your approved friends will then see all of your custom pins and any notes you may have made on that pin.

Also includes a zoomable world map of all your friends locations.

3rd Party Applications do not run in the background on the iPhone so your privacy is assured when the application is not running. It will only update your location when the App is running and if you've configured FriFi to do so.

Top Tips
NOTE: 1.5 The App will exit unexpectedly if you try to share a location when you have no contacts added to your list. We are aware of this and have a fix in progress. It will not affect you if you have added one or more friends to you friends list.

FriFi sends an invite email to each contact you add so that you can link up. Please do keep this in mind when using the 'Add All Contacts' option; as of version 1.3 the App warns you of this twice.

If accuracy is awkward or you're stuck inside then use the 'Drop Pin' instead to mark a desired location. Your friends will be able to see your custom pins and any notes you may have made for them.

Tap the refresh button on your friends list (3/4 arrowed circle at the top) to update their status indicators (red, amber or green dot to the left of the contact name).

Red indicates contact has been added by you but has not yet installed the application.

Amber indicates that they are signed up to FriFi but have not yet shared their location, have not approved your friend request or they are keeping their location private.

Green indicates that you can view their location.

The accuracy of the software is governed by the GPS hardware in the iPhone itself. If you are in a building then it can only be as accurate to someone’s location as the hardware in the phone will allow. Just like the GPS in your car. Accurate GPS signals are best obtained in open air or near to a window, if you are relying on mobile signal triangulation (normally used when inside a building) then the accuracy is not as precise as the 5-50m you get when outside.

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