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Jul 31, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Freedom: Individual and Social


Freedom: Individual and Social Description

"Man has been so engrossed in the development of all things outside that he has neglected the task of developing his own self, leaving himself almost an unchanged man who follows the driving force of instincts rather than the guidance of wisdom."

"Though he has developed to the highest degree of possibility the technical capabilities, man still has not developed in himself the qualities needed to live and to deal with his own self, with others and with his natural and technological environment."

"Man has greatly developed for his own benefit all kinds of things in the name of civilization, including science and technology, but he has paid too little attention to the development of his own self."

"Only the free man can be possessed of peace and happiness. Endowed with freedom, people can live happy and peaceful lives."

"Only the really happy man has real peace. Only the man who has peace can be really happy. The man who has happiness radiates happiness. The man who has peace diffuses peace."

"Peace and happiness of the man are the foundation of peace and happiness of the whole world."

"An unhappy man cannot find peace and there can be no peace without happiness. In absence of peace, no people can be happy and those who are unhappy cannot live in peace."

Bhikkhu P.A.Payutto

Understanding the Dhamma’s sublime qualities and applying the age-old virtues to modern day’s problem require exceptional skills. Bikkhu P.A. Payutto is such a scholar. A Buddhist monk of Theravada tradition in Thailand, the venerable is a recipient of UNESCO’s Prize for Peace Education in 1994. His extensive teachings and writings apply essential wisdom of the Dhamma to present day’s problems such as world peace, politics, economics, business, education, workplace, society, health, family, love, and self-improvement.

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