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May 06, 2014
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Food Additives - eAdditives New


Food Additives - eAdditives Ne Description

▶ Special Offer !!!
▶ More FREE useful Additives !!!

• Would you like to know what all those additives you find in food are?
•• Have you ever thought that some could be hazardous to your health?
••• How much safer would you feel if this information was given to you by an expert?

▶▶▶ Here is the App for you! ◀◀◀

Inside eAdditives New:
■ Colorings
■ Preservatives
■ Antioxidants
■ Acidity regulators
■ Thickeners
■ Stabilizers
■ Emulsifiers
■ Anticaking agents
■ Flavor enhancers
■ Antibiotics
■ Other various additives

After downloading you will know what additives to avoid and what to consume at your leisure, easily and thanks to your beloved iPhone and/or iPad.

■ 529 food additives listed in this NEW PRO version after full In-App Purchase! All stored in the memory of your iPhone!

■ No data connection is required for knowing code, name, toxicity and main description of food additives. Internet will be needed just to get additional information.

■ No advertising banners in fulll version.

■ Ability to add personal notes in all Additives.

■ iCloud Backup and Synchronization to share personal notes to all your devices.

■ RSS News Feed from Food Organizations.

■ Compatibility with iOS6 and iOS5.

■ Compatibility with new iPhone 5 and lower.

■ Compatibility with all iPad.

■ Compatibility with all iPod Touch.

■ Compatibility with vocal search in main eAdditives search screen.

Remember, not all additives are harmful for your health, but some can be very dangerous and are prohibited in several countries.
It is from those that we must defend ourselves.
Food additives are among the major causes of many diseases because of their side effects.
We evaluated the additives listed in this app also thanks to the information published by major international organizations such as: the FDA, EFSA and others.

eAdditives is very useful to be aware of the food additives present in what we eat everyday.
Enjoy your consultation and good health!


This app was created by
Tecniche Naturali
Naturopathy and Coaching for well-being and harmony
Davide Mannarelli
Sabina Guio

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Thank you!

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