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Aug 11, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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FitnessMHR Description

****** program dostępny w polskiej wersji językowej z polskim lektorem *****

Fitness MHR is a software program, which is thought to take care of your health, trim and well-being.
It allows you to control your weight, observe advances of your training and enhancement of your stamina, and also improvement of your records at different distances.

Whom has it been designed for?
- For everybody, who wants to lose some weight. The programme monitors weight, calculates Body Mass Index, and does it in a friendly way by depicting data in form of graphs and gives implied answers.
- For everybody, who wants to improve one’s condition. The programme makes trainings more enjoyable. Prompts for heavier work out. Informs you of improvement of your body stamina basing assessment on so-called. VO2MAX i MHR indexes, which mean Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Maximal Heart Rate.
- For everybody who wants to improve one’s health. The programme takes care of our Body Mass index, keeping it within safe limits. Enhances one’s motivation for continuing workout by presenting improvements in the shape of friendly charts and appropriate hints.
- For everybody who wants to improve one’s sports achievements. Programme allows one to register all ones results, during the training it informs of its process in comparison to other trainings. It gives hints of how to train (in which heart rate brackets) so as to achieve best results.
- For everybody who wants to plan their bodybuilding workouts. The programme allows to create training plans, which include lists of exercises.

Most important functions of the programme:
- handling of different disciplines of sports (running, walking, cycling, aerobics, gym workout etc.)
- ability of making notes on a daily schedule (height, weight, resting heart rate RHR)
- calculating automatically Maximal Heart Rate (MHR), Heart Rate Reserve (HRR), Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2MAX)
calculating Body Mass Index BMI, tables of BMI, implied answers referring to this index
- training tables giving brackets of heart rate, in which the training must be done (based on indexes: MHR, HRR i RHR)
- module of trainings allowing to introduce of training schedule on the data base or doing them along with the programme
- browsing one’s improvements in the shape of charts (charts depicting changes of height, weight, Body Mass Index BMI, changes of Resting Heart Rate, Maximal Oxygen Consumption VO2MAX etc.)
- ability of creating personalized training plans, which include one’s own lists of exercises
- ability of creating a back up copy of recorded data placed on a remote server;

Functions connected with trainings:
- listening to music during the training,
- audio announcements informing a trainee about the progress of training (time which elapsed or remained, distance covered and the one which left to go, average speed, average pace)
- ability of defining time length of a given training and distance to be covered
- ability of defining minimal speed (if one slows down one receives a proper announcement)
- ability of reviewing route covered on maps, with marked number of kilometres and information about the speed one covered certain parts of the route;
- ability of dynamic charts drawing during the training (chart of speed change)
- automatic function of registering data in the base of records
- ability of comparing one training with another training (chasing themselves – announcements about delays or speedups with reference to s previous training)
- automatic pacer – emitting sound signals at any pace

And soon – integrated social networking service – allowing to publish on the Net one’s achievements and covered routes, preparing diets and workout schedules

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