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Jul 03, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 268

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Find My Friend for Facebook


Find My Friend for Facebook Description

** Please DO NOT download unless you have a Facebook account! Thank you! **

The current version of Find My Friend is our prototype for a range of location services we are working on. Changes that are coming:

1) Faster and easier inviting of friends - even if they don't have Facebook
2) More reliable sessions that don't end when signal is lost for a short time
3) Sending text messages to friends
4) An overall smoother and more enjoyable experience

Find My Friend was featured on CBS13 news! (Go to the App Profile to see it @!)

The purpose of this app is to simply allow two people to meet up without having to describe where they are to each other.

This app works with Facebook only (for now) - so purchase this only if you're a Facebook user!

Have you ever tried to meet up with a friend in a crowded area? Or maybe you’ve tried to find someone at an amusement park or a sports venue? You know how hard it can be, even with a verbal description from the person you’re trying to locate. “Yeah, I’m right near the second tree. Near the person with the red hat. You see me?”

Frustrating, right?

Well now there’s an easier way with Find My Friend, which will help easily navigate you to them using both GPS and new iPhone 3.0 Maps.

Features include:

• Integrated with Facebook so you can easily invite your friends to link up with Find My Friend.

• Your privacy is important to us. Your friends will receive a notification that you are trying to find them, which they can either accept or reject.

• Once approved, you will receive a map with the location of your friend. This will allow you to see how far away they are, watch as they move and easily find them!

1. First thing to do - click "Connect to Facebook" and type in your Facebook information. If you don't have a Facebook account, get one at!
2. See if your friend(s) you want to find already have Find My Friend. (Their names will automatically appear if they do!)
3. Click Invite to either send Notifications to your friends, or reach 'em all by Posting a message on your Wall!
4. Find 'em! Simply touch their name and let the fun begin!
5. After you've used it a couple of times, please give this app a review and let me know what you think! I am open to praise and criticism :)
6. Become a Fan on Facebook! Go to
7. Stay signed in to keep Push Notification on your phone! If you sign out Push Notification will be turned off for your account until you sign back in!

You must have a Facebook account to use this app. Additionally, in order to track a friend, they must also have Find My Friend downloaded on their iPhone. The app works best with the iPhone 3GS, but is also compatible with the 3G and 2G and iPod Touch!

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