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Feb 23, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Avg. score: 2.5
Rating: 1673

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FemCal Lite: Period and Ovulation Calendar


FemCal Lite: Period and Ovulat Description

FemCal Lite is the easy, portable way to track your cycles. Easily track menstrual symptoms, medications, notes, tests and more.

FemCal Lite estimates when your next few periods will start and puts icons in the calendar for estimated next period, estimated temperature rise and estimated peak day.

FemCal Lite gives you an easy to read graphical chart of your current cycle, and *all* your past data is stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

FemCal Lite is now updated to version 1.9.3


★ Easy-to-use, just tap!
★ Calendar display,
★ Display your upcoming periods (estimated from your average cycle length),
★ Display estimated fertile and infertile days,
★ Chart your latest cycle.

FemCal Lite lets you easily enter the following information during your cycle:

★ Waking temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius,
★ Menses flow from spotting, light, medium heavy,
★ Cervical fluid consistency,
★ Cervical firmness
★ Intercourse,
★ Ovulation test kit name and result,
★ Pregnancy test kit name and result,
★ Other procedure, such as BSE etc.,
★ Up to five symptoms, with an editable list of symptoms,
★ Up to five medications, with an editable list of medications,
★ A daily note, allowing you to store a comment or reminder,

FemCal Lite shows a calendar display that shows entered waking temperatures, and icons that represent the entered data. By touching a day, the data entered for that day is shown in a summary area below the calendar, that can be scrolled if necessary. The calendar estimates your fertile days in green, depending on temperature, and/or cervical fluid. Lower fertility days are shown in red, based on the Fertility Awareness Method (F.A.M.) rules:

★ After your period, for dry days prior to an increase in cervical fluid,
★ 3+ days after a rise in temperature above cover-line (estimated from six or more entered temperatures, post-menses)
★ 4+ days after peak cervical fluid

FemCal Lite contains a chart - see example in screenshots - that displays the start date of the selected cycle, and includes a graph of your temperatures through the cycle, and the other entered information. FemCal Lite can estimate peak day, and plot cover-line temperature, which can help you in understanding your cycle.

Important note: FemCal Lite is intended only to be an aid in tracking your cycle, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.

Track My Period, FemCal Lite, Menstruate, Ovulate, Pregnancy, Charting, BBT, Basal Body Temperature,Fertility, Fertile, Future, Ovulation Calendar, Log.

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