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Apr 07, 2009
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later
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Family Crest - HANA -


Family Crest - HANA - Description

One of the coolest Japanese art designs in the world -Family Crest-

The “Family Crest” featuring Japanese traditional symbol “Kamon”finally arrived. “Kamon”was born in the Japanese historical culture and its unique design should reach the top level all over the world. Now you can get this compilation of Japanese art “Kamon” through the application soft. This soft makes you ornament your photos or download your own PC to enjoy “Kamon” at your will.

All designs we offer are famous typical Japanese Kamon 500pieces. To see carefully, you will find designs are drawn from a variety of objects. Some are very sophisticated designs drawing nature motif such as plants and animals, some are very simple symbols on the contrary. You will be attracted to these Japanese Kamons for their artistic level. Since Kamons have slightly changed their designs in time, and they have derived from original character to modern one, they have wide and profound appeal for everyone. We hope much more people touch this broad and deep rooted Japanese Kamon art. The design of plants in Japanese Kamon is similar to European textiles or wallpaper. Symbols in Kamon, animals such as birds and animals, are very surrealistic unlike recent pop characters. Just touching with these Kamons reflecting Japanese historical images and beautiful expression of nature, you definitely can enjoy it. In addition, you also can enjoy stamping Kamon on your photos took by your digital camera to decorate, making your original wallpaper and designing your own Japanese Kamon by downloading the attached Kamon png data to your PC.

A selection of the family crests that were beautifully patterned from petals and leaves including wisteria, whose beauty was admired and often written about in ancient poems, plum blossom, which was popular as a crest for religious institutions, and sorrel, which was cherished because of its inconspicuous gracefulness.
You might be able to feel what people in old times felt about each of the floral family crests.

【Family Crest -HANA- main functions】
◎This application contains 500pieces of typical Kamon used generally in Japan.
◎Just by touching on screen, you can scale up or down a size of Kamon.
◎This application can display a standard mode to be a black Kamon on a white ground but also can highlight to be a white Kamon on a black ground.
◎This application has the random function which displays a different Kamon on every starting up.
◎This application introduce the history of Kamon.
◎There is a Kamon stamping function which can insert anywhere you want on photo took by iPhone camera.
◎Installing 50pieces of Kamon by an attached high resolution png data, you can download to your own PC to process your designs freely by an image processing soft.

This application soft is produced for consumers by customizing “the complete symbols of Kamon” which “LLC Hidaka” provides for business users. “LLC Hidaka” has been servicing ceremonial occasions over a quarter century in Tokyo.

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