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Jul 03, 2013
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Fairy Princess Fashion - Dress Up, Makeup & eCard Maker Game


Fairy Princess Fashion - Dress Description

~> Fairy Princess Fashion has Never Been More Fun! Play Dressup and Makeup Magic with these Winged Wonders!
~> Fairy Princesses and Fashion! Oh My! Try on the Newest Styles (and Wings!) with These Tiny Flying Fashionistas!
~> Style these Flying Friends for Fun! Take a Picture and Make a Card with our eCard Maker! It’s got cool stickers too!

When Coco Chanel said that “fashion is in the sky”, she must have been thinking about these fantastic and fashionable fairy princesses! Meet Rose Sparkle, Sugar Dust, Berry Shine, Star Bell, Honey Glow, Lilac Drop and Cherry Blossom, the wildest winged girls you’ll ever meet! These royal fairies want to be dressed in the coolest styles, and they want to wear the most fashionable makeup. Help them get ready for a fun jaunt in the forest!

Fairy Fashionistas!
High-flying designer fashion that everyone can love! When these fairies get ready to fly through the woods they need to look their best. They do it the way you’d expect any fashion conscious princess would do; with style of course!

Makeup Mania!
These fairy princess friends are little, but they have big personalities and they need to look their best before they go home to their fairy godmothers, princes, and wild and wacky wizards! Model them into the prettiest princesses you can! These looks are pure magic! Style these Flying Friends for Fun! Do Fancy Fairy Makeup! So much fun!

Card Maker
Once your cool fairy princess is dressed up in her awesome outfit with a cool crown, wand, and her other magical accessories, get ready to take a picture! You can share your pictures with family and friends and show them how great your designer skills are!

> Choose from seven cool fairies! You can even choose the color of their wings!
> Dress Up: Get your fairy princess dressed up in the coolest gear! Make sure she has her crown!
> Card Maker: Take pictures of your fantastic fairy princesses and get ready to share! Your friends will be so impressed!
> My Gallery: Keep all your cool creations in your own gallery of fabulous princess fairy fashion! You can always go back and work on your creation.
> “Auto Zoom” feature can push in & out the dress up & makeup category. For example choose makeup and your device will zoom in on your Fairy Princess’ face
> Rotate & move the stickers on the eCards

What's Inside:
> 50 sets of wings
> 50 amazing dresses
> 50 beautiful hairstyles
> 50 fabulous pairs of shoes
> 10 nail styles, 10 eye colors, 10 lip colors
> 18 adorable stickers, such as butterflies, unicorns and more!
> 22 scenery stickers of trees, flowers, and rainbows!
> 10 eCard frames & 7 fairy princesses stickers

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