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Jun 12, 2014
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Ezy MSDS Pro


Ezy MSDS Pro Description

Ezy MSDS app description

Ezy MSDS is the app for you to find and store MSDS sheets on your iPhone or iPad. You can search for Material Safety Data Sheets just by entering the product name, or scanning the barcode. MSDS sheets are downloaded from our store for free, and stored into your device for use any time.

•MSDS downloaded from database.
•MSDS stored in your device as PDF.
•Search for most MSDS with barcode scanner straight from the product.
•From the app you can email or print a version of the MSDS on your device.

What is really different about this app for downloading and finding your MSDS, is the product photo cover for easy identification, and a barcode scanner to search directly in our database.

We are constantly adding products to our database, but we are new. If you can't find a product on our database we probably do not have it yet. We want you to tell us the products you want. Use the barcode scanner link, or email us (at the product name, barcode number, country of manufacture, name of manufacturer, and we will endeavour to find the MSDS for you, and upload it to the database.

The EZY MSDS pro version has no limit to the number of MSDS documents held on your device.

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