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May 22, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 43

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EZ Adder


EZ Adder Description

EZ Adder is a basic calculator (+ - x / %) that maintains a list of all your entries, much like the paper tape of an adding machine. However, with this “electronic paper tape” you can easily correct any entry. You just tap the entry, choose “Select”, input the correct value, and tap “Enter”. The new total is calculated automatically and immediately. That’s it!

Ever try performing a lot of calculations and each time you get a different answer? Then, you need EZ Adder because it lets you scroll through all of your entries and easily correct any mistakes.

EZ Adder has a large custom keyboard for a quick and easy touch and a decimal slider to let you choose the number of digits (0-4) after the decimal point in the total.

Every time you backup the app, it automatically backs up all of your data.

It also has an enhanced % key for calculating percent discounts, tips, and sales tax, for example:

• To compute the price of an item with a 25% discount just enter the price then enter -25%.
• For an additional 10% discount, just enter -10%.
• To calculate the meal amount including an 18% tip, just enter the meal amount then enter +18%.
• To calculate the total including 8.25% sales tax, just enter the total then enter +8.25%.

• Electronic paper tape showing all entries
• Correct any entry at any time
• Delete any entry at any time
• Custom numeric keyboard for an easy touch
• Decimal point slider to choose 0-4 places
• Automatic back up of all data with the app
• Shake to Clear for ease of use
• Plus % is great for tax & tips
• Minus % is great for discounts
• Sounds Settings to only play wanted sounds
• Choice of 10 colors for the calculator

The settings are set in the Apple “Settings” app. Settings allow you to choose which of the sounds you want to play and the color you want for your calculator.

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