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Jun 13, 2014
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Exploring Austin with Kids


Exploring Austin with Kids Description

Exploring Austin with Kids makes it easy to experience Austin, Texas, with children. Visitors and newcomers will find the top tourist destinations, kid-friendly restaurants, and the quirky places that make Austin so unique. Seasoned locals looking for adventure will uncover new finds, and new parents will discover the city's vibrant kid culture.

The app includes:

– Detailed descriptions of over 100 family-focused outings
– An annual events section that highlights 25 kid-friendly festivals and events
– Entries arranged by: children’s interests (from Airplanes to Zoos), age (Babies, Toddlers, Grade School and Tween) and location to help identify the best spots for your family
– A mapping feature that shows you family-friendly destinations nearby
– Cross listings of places in the area and seasonal events
– Icons that show you at a glance the types of activities you can expect to find at each location

These special features make it easy to plan outings or find destinations nearby. Or use the app as a tool to discover new places and adventures close by your regular haunts. At the touch of a button, look up hours, link to websites, or call the places you're headed. This app makes it simple to get out and explore!

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