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May 29, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
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Easygolf GPS


Easygolf GPS Description

EasyGolf is a simple but powerful golf GPS system for your iPhone (and iPad). There is no subscription and because you map your own courses there is no need to download or pay for any courses.

Mapping a course:
Mapping your course is very simple and literally takes a couple of minutes (the record is 90 seconds!). Mapping is done on your iPhone/iPad through the EasyGolf app.. Using a clever target system you simply pan a standard satellite map to so that the target is right over the front edge of the first green. Then do the same for the middle of the first green. Repeat for all 18 (or 9) holes and you have mapped your course! You can pinch and zoom the map to ensure that you locate the target very accurately. Each course need only be mapped once and you can quickly build up a library of all the courses you play.

Playing golf:
Once a course has been mapped it is available to play. During play you can see an overhead picture of the current hole (rotated so that the green is always at the top). The yardage will be shown to the front and middle of the current green. This yardage changes as you move down the fairway so it is always live. Your location is also shown allowing you to see any hazards between you and the green. There is also a handy target feature which shows the yardage to the target. The map can be panned so that the target points to any hazard, giving you the yardage to any hazard on the hole. This powerful tool means that you can instantly work out carry and layup distances and help with club selection.

Courses can be shared through iTunes file sharing so you can share your mapped courses with your friends.

EasyGolf is a universal app, so it works on an iPad too. Although it is unlikely you would carry an iPad around the course, it may be useful in a buggy.

Don't be put off by the low introductory price - this really is a genuine golf GPS system.

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