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May 13, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 2

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Easy Mileage Calculator


Easy Mileage Calculator Description

Easy Mileage Calculator is very convenient and easy to use. It displays all gasoline usage information on one easy to read page.

Designed for ease of use, Easy Mileage Calculator was created to facilitate vehicle mileage calculations no matter what distance or volumetric units of measurement you enter. It easily accommodates metric, U.S. or Imperial units to calculate fuel economy.

Simply enter the distance traveled (in miles or kilometers) and volume of gasoline used (liters, U.S or Imperial gallons).  Mileage Keeper displays your gasoline usage in mpg/U.S. gallon, mpg/Imperial gallon, L/100 kilometers, and kilometers/L.

Easy Mileage Calculator will track gasoline usage. Changes in gasoline usage could indicate it's time to service your engine, tire pressures need to be adjusted, or other mechanical issues. In addition, it can show the benefits of “lightening” up on the gas pedal!

We are always interested in hearing from you. Try Easy Mileage Calculator. Then let us know what you think. We always read feature requests from our users.

Easy Mileage Calculator is especially useful if you want to convert mileage information between the metric and US or Imperial systems. This information is useful if you travel in different countries or you own a vehicle purchased from a country with a different measurement system (vehicle measures distance in miles or kilometers but gasoline usage is measured in liters, U.S. or Imperial gallons).

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