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Feb 25, 2014
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow


DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow Description

DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow is a dock application designed to perform slide show of your photos when you charge your iPhone or iPod Touch put on a dock.

With DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow, your iPhone or iPod Touch is the most cost effective Digital Photo Frame for you.

DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow introduces various photo transition effect as well as Zoom & Panning effect for more dynamic experience.

Please check the demo video at web site:

*** Please check out DZ Photo Frame - Widgets that supports placing date & time widgets on the screen in addition to all functionalities of DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow

For quick and easy demonstration of DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow's feature, some pictures are added for first time launch. You might want to remove them from slide show list and add your favorite pictures stored in your iPhone or iPod Touch.

- Choose multiple photos from your Photo Albums from Version 1.5.1
- Pasting multiple photos from clipboard to Slide show list
- Automatic Landscape/Portrait orientation
- Full-screen (Zoom & Pan effect) or Fit-screen mode
- Slide show list management
- Various transition effect can be set to one or random
- Shuffle slide show sequence
- 5-step slide show interval
- Auto-lock disable to keep the LCD turned on (Use it only when you are charging)

How to use:

* NOTE: Please visit our product site ( and check YouTube video on how to use DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow.

- Adding photos
1. [+] icon in Slide Show screen and open Settings screen.
2. Choose Photos from the list and you will be prompted to allow access to Current Location. Answer OK and Photo Albums of your iOS device will be listed
3. Choose any photo album and tap each photo you want to see in the side show
4. Tap [Done] at top-left corner of the screen to return to main screen

- Slide show while charging
1. Plug charger cable to your iPhone or iPod Touch
2. Unlock the screen if it is locked
3. Launch DZ Photo Frame - Slideshow
4. Tap screen and tap [Play] button at the bottom of the screen if it was paused when last time quit

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