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Dragon Go!

Control your personal universe with no boundaries – all with the power of your voice! With Nuance Dragon Go! all you have to do is say what you want and Dragon Go! will deliver your results within seconds.

So smart, Dragon Go! knows what you want simply by how you say it! And it will deliver you directly to the best mobile sites offering what you want– such as Fandango for movie showtimes and trailers, Accuweather.com for local weather updates, Pandora® internet radio, Yelp for local reviews, recommendations and more!

Dragon Go’s dynamic Dragon CarouselTM not only delivers you to the best site featuring what you want, it also delivers complementary results that enable you to slide the carousel from side-to-side to compare information across the most relevant sites for your Dragon Go! request.

For example:
You say….
“Cowboys & Aliens showtimes” – Dragon Go! delivers you directly to Fandango featuring movie trailers, showtimes and ticket purchasing for your local theaters. The Dragon CarouselTM also enables you to see what people are saying about the movie on Twitter and flick over to Wikipedia to learn more about the graphic novel the movie is based on.

You can also share your Dragon Go! results via an easy-to-use pop-up toolbar featuring link share options across email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter.

And that’s not all! In a place where it’s not convenient to speak? Just type your Dragon Go! requests for the same fast, accurate results!

To watch Dragon Go! in action visit http://www.youtube.com/user/NuanceMobileChannel.

Dragon Go! Say it. Get it. Go!


1. Dragon Go! requires network connectivity (WiFi or 3G/EDGE).
2. Dragon Go! requires iOS 4 or later.
3. Dragon Go! works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and on third and fourth generation iPod Touch (external microphone required).


Visit http://www.nuancemobilelife.com for EULA and Privacy Policy.

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