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Apr 30, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 125

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DM Toolkit


DM Toolkit Description

DM Toolkit is the ultimate resource for Dungeon Masters, Lead Storytellers, Game Masters, and all their ilk!

See our Demo video at

DM Toolkit is a tool developed by a Game Master for other Game Masters. It eliminates the need for a storyteller to carry an enormous binder of obscure information, and gives you the means to work on your campaign during spare moments. Once you try it, you're sure to love it. It even runs on iPad!

The app comes preloaded with templates for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. Additionally, new templates and content can be downloaded anytime to suit your needs. The list of free downloads is increasing all the time!

Be sure to visit the community at for support, feature requests, and more game resources!

- Modify traps, treasures, gear, characters, monsters, and more from your handheld device.
- Use Dice Box, Crib Sheets, Scratch Pad, and Initiative Tracker tools, all without leaving the app!
- Content Generation. Randomly generate stats, skills, classes, physical characteristics, monsters, and more with ease as you play.
- Universal Applicability. Download additional game templates to support more RPG systems, or create your own templates for specific and niche RPGs--with these powerful tools, DM Toolkit can be easily modified to support any RPG!
- Easily reference and cross-reference your data to build encounters and dungeons, as well as outfit player characters.
- Keep notes, add pictures, and completely customize your resources.
- Preloaded with DnD 4th Edition templates, for quick startup.
- Template system allows users to add new and original game systems to the app.
- Download free templates for additional game systems, or download free libraries of user-created content to expand your existing games*.
- Export your creations to share them with other DM Toolkit users from around the world!
- Universal application runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, AND iPad.

This is a growing product, and users are encouraged to leave comments, contribute to the user-created libraries, and suggest new features. Please visit for information on how you can add to DM Toolkit.

DM Toolkit support can support any game system via its flexible template system. There are a few systems that are readily available via free in-app downloads:
- DnD 4th Ed.
- DnD 3.5 Ed.
- Pathfinder
- Nobilis
- Runequest 4th Ed.
- Anima: Beyond Fantasy
- Mutants & Masterminds
- Savage Worlds

And it's a snap to create your own!

* All downloadable content is available for free at

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