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We're running a new Content Database technology and HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you delete your current App version before installing this new one. ALL YOUR IN-APPS will of course remain available in the new version.

DJ STUDIO is a powerful Looped Music Creation & Performance App with a simple-to-use User Interface, packed with high-quality Loops & Samples from top Artists & DJs in multiple Genres, curated specifically for you.

We do: House, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Complextro, Ambient, Techno... and more added all the time, with Free stuff in every release.

*** Features ***
• 1000s of high quality Loops & Samples across multiple genres
• Tap Pads to play – auto-sync means you’re always on the Beat
• Auto Tempo-matching so you can freely Mix & Match across all Genres/Tempos etc
• Manipulate Level, Mute and FX Send for each Pad
• Mixer provides Level/Mute, Insert FX & Outboard FX Send on 4 independent channels
• Delay FX Unit provided with autoset parameters to match Tempo
• Save Deck Sets and Record Live Performances
• Export to iTunes - hook up your device to grab audio
• Upload Recordings to SoundCloud and/or copy to your AudioCopy-compatible clipboard
• It's FREE

*** In-App Purchase Options ***
Once you’ve mastered DJ Studio, you might want to step up your game, so we’ve made various In-App purchases available:

* Pro Features Upgrade *
Unlocks limitations on some functions and adds pro-DJ features

• Full (4x4) Pad Matrix: The Free App gives you 2 channels of 4 Pads (2x4) – the Pro Features Upgrade unlocks the full 4x4 Deck
• Tempo Matching: The Pro Features Upgrade allows you to freely mix & match Loops at diffrerent BPMs
• Save your Sets: The Pro Features Upgrade allows you to save unlimitied Sets, so you can quickly build up ready-to-go material
• Unlimited Recording: Recordings in the Free App are limited to 3 minutes - the Pro Features Upgrade removes the limitation
• Multiple FX Types: The Free App comes with Low-Pass Filter EQs – the Pro Features Upgrade enables multiple FX types (Low-pass, High-pass, Parametric, Distortion, Dynamics), with more added every update...

* Content Upgrades *
Various content-related upgrades are available In-App: expect lots more of these pushed through the App regularly, in 2 key forms:

• Part Content Upgrades: “Stock” parts like Bass, Drum/Music Loops, Percussion, Vocals and FX categories
• Genre "Bulk" Content Upgrades: 100s of Loops & One-shots in specific Genres, including stock Parts (Bass Loops, Drum Loops, FX etc), Mixtools Tracks & Construction Kits
• Mixtools & Construction Kit Content: Tracks from top Artists, DJs and Producers broken down in progressive stems covering drum grooves, percussion tops, synths, builds, breakdowns drops

** Systerm Requirements **
iOS 5.1 or higher and a desire for fun

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