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May 22, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Avg. score: 2.5
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Dice Manager Description

All your RPG dice, organized, in your pocket. Dice Manager features a clean and beautiful user interface that lets you freely select any combination of standard RPG dice (4 sided, 6 sided, 8 sided, 10 sided, 12 sided and 20 sided), roll them - including bonus rolls (aka. exploding dice) - and store them as a set for later use.

Dice Manager is meant to be a tool, not a game, although you certainly can play games with it.

** features in context **

Create a set of dice and roll it.
★ Select the type and amount of dice you want to roll via the corresponding patches at the bottom.
★ A normalized formula for the selected dice is shown at the very top.
★ The unique roll button is fun to use and gives you a sense of interacting with the dice, seeing the numbers roll by, without having to endure tedious and lengthy roll animations - you decide how long it takes by holding down the button.
★ Don't forget to activate the bonus roll patch if you want to use those. This can come in very handy for some RPG systems.
★ A history sheet can be pulled up to reveal the result and details of the last 100 rolls. This also enables you to distinguish between individual dice in a roll: Need to roll a percentage? Just take two d10. Let the first die represent the first figure, the second die the second figure. A result of 2d10(4; 2) would mean you rolled 42%, 2d10(9, 10) would mean 90%.
★ The toolbar at the top allows you to resign or store the current set of dice for later use.

When you store a set of dice, you can set some additional attributes.
★ Give your set a unique name, so it can easily be found later.
★ Set the use of Bonus Rolls.
★ Set a modifier ([-10, 10]) for the result.
★ While you configure your set, a neat graph is drawn, giving you information about the value distribution and an impression of what results to expect from the set.
The blue line shows the individual values. The yellow line represents the pre-calculated statistical average (i.e., what should be), while the orange line shows the actual average (i.e., what is). The yellow and orange line should always match up pretty perfectly after some time.

Your stored sets of dice can easily be accessed and organized.
★ In the bookmarks section you can create groups and move sets freely between them. This is also where existing sets can be removed.
★ If you want to use a set, just tap it.
★ All essential information can be seen at once. This includes the result for the last roll, details for the last roll and wether bonus rolls are active for this set.
★ If you need further information for a set, tap the corresponding details icon on the right.
★ Groups that grow too large can easily be folded away. This is particularly useful if you play more than one character or more than one RPG system at a time.

The set details reveal every last bit of information.
★ Every stored set of dice has its own history sheet that shows the total value, the age and the exact details (which die rolled what) of the roll.
★ A graphical representation of the past 100 rolls is shown at the top, giving you detailed information about the performance of this particular set at a glance.
The blue line shows the individual values. The yellow line represents the pre-calculated statistical average (i.e., what your results should gravitate around), while the orange line shows the actual average over the selected interval of rolls.

** the first time **

The first time you start the app, the bookmarks section will automatically be populated with sets for the first 20 steps of the EarthDawn™ RPG, a classic d20 for the most popular D&D™ system and a set for two very special swords, engraved with mythical theran runes, a brave swordmaster from Barsaive once received as payment for his heroic deeds.

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