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Jun 03, 2014
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Desk Plus


Desk Plus Description

DeskPlus is a third-party native app developed to access your Desk account and interact with your customers. Our goal is to implement all the functionality that is available on the Desktop version so you can provide excellent customer support wherever you go.

Current Features:
- List your cases based on your custom filters.
- Enhanced list of cases with the ability to see case status, labels, etc.
- Ability to sort your cases based on various fields.
- Ability to search through your cases.
- Ability to view HTML email cases.
- Respond to your cases reliably.
- Ability to save draft copy of your reply.
- Collaborate with other agents by adding notes to cases.
- Ability to edit private notes.
- Use Macros to update and respond to your cases.
- View and edit case details like Subject, Case Status, Priority and Labels.
- Ability to reassign cases to a different groups or agents.
- View and edit customer's information.

We will add to this list as we build more functionality in our future updates.

This version of the app does not provide push notifications. We recommend to keep the original Desk app on your phone so you can get notifications.

Desk is a social customer support help desk used by thousands of companies such as Bonobos, Spotify, Yelp, and Square. With Desk you can quickly connect with your customers on Facebook and Twitter as easily as traditional support channels like email, phone, live chat and web in an all-in-one screen.

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