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Feb 01, 2014
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Design Studio for Minecraft


Design Studio for Minecraft Description

Looking for the best and fastest way to get cool stuff for your Minecraft house? You've found it!

With Design Studio for Minecraft, you will never have to look at an amazing Minecraft build and wonder, "Wow! How did they do that?!" That's because ALL of the creations in this app come complete with a materials list and block-by-block tutorials for how to re-build them on ANY platform! (PC/Console/PE)

[-] FEATURES [-]

--- 3D Design Studio ---
Design your own creations in a 3D world! Quickly manipulate blocks and build objects FASTER than you can in the real game!

Design Studio reduces the time to build objects by giving you advanced tools such as the ability to copy creations, extrude blocks for instant walls or floors, one touch placement and removal of blocks, and more!

--- Share Your Creations ---
Did you just make something amazing and want to show the world? Or maybe you just want to see what other people have made. Browse pages of creations from other players and download them to your own app!

-------- Tutorial --------
What good is a picture or video of a cool Minecraft build if you can't see how to make it yourself? EVERY creation in Design Studio for Minecraft comes with its own materials list and block-by-block tutorial in a 3D world to show you exactly how to remake it!

Tutorials are generated not only for items you create, but also creations you download from other players! Additionally, the materials list will show you not just the types of blocks you will need, but also exactly how many of each type!

You control how fast the tutorial goes, and pause it when you need to with advanced controls. It truly is the best and easiest way to rebuild cool objects!

----- Player Chat -----
Chat live with other Minecraft players! Trade build ideas, good seed info, or recruit for you server!

Got questions before you buy?

Design Studio for Minecraft is an unofficial app designed to help players build better Minecraft creations in less time, so you can have more fun. This app complies with the Minecraft Brand and Asset Usage Guidelines, with much thanks to Mojang for making such an awesome and addicting game!

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