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Jun 14, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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DBManager Pro


DBManager Pro Description

DBManager is a tool for creating, managing and deploy locally, general purpose personal DB's, easily and without the hassle of knowing SQL insights.

Three SQL tools in one: Editor, Administrator and Run mode

At the core there is an SQL engine, derived from SQLite 3.0 which small tomatoes enhanced for including multi-user support, password protection and data encryption exclusive features.

Created either internally by the built-in editor or externally, with any plist editor of your choice and dropped in the shared area through the iTunes interface, the DB descriptor file, defines to the engine the DB structure to be employed.
Different descriptor files can be created and coexist, each possibly describing different structures for different purposes. The consequent DB's generated by the application are then found in the shared folder for possible backups.

Pro version adds number of valuable features which make this application unique and effective:

- Built-in Descriptor Editor
- restore DB UI context across logins
-10 usable layers per account
- password change
- sort by selectable field
- conditional search on selectable fields
- binary field type handling
- File data import/export/preview

One of most valuable features is the ability to import and re-export any kind of file directly in the DB, and for some, the most common file types, there are also built-in previewers such as Video (m4v), Audio (caf), Image (png), PDF and Text.
With Blob support and automatic garbage collector built-in in the DB engine, any file data is transparently stored and handled in internal blob tables.

But most of all the built-in editor, a secure, easy and intuitive way to build Descriptor files with which in few seconds you obtain, ready for use, a full fledged SQL DB, to access in run mode.

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