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Jun 09, 2014
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Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Alt Format


Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN Alt Form Description

From the publisher of the bestselling Davis’s Success Series…

Be NCLEX ready!

Are you prepared for the alternative-item format questions on the NCLEX-RN®? These are the most difficult questions you’ll encounter on the exam, and include the anxiety-inducing ‘Select all that apply’.

Here’s the perfect way to ensure you can meet the challenges these higher level cognitive questions pose.

500 alternate-item-format questions let you study anytime, anywhere based on your personal needs. Eight sections address all the major content areas on the NCLEX-RN® blueprint.

It's easy to build your own quizzes, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and create new quizzes to improve your performance in specific areas. Rationales for both correct and incorrect answers promote understanding.

Download the content directly to your mobile device; no web connection is necessary after the initial download.

Key Features

1. Prepare for all the alternate-item-format question types on the test plan—multiple response Ÿ hot-spot Ÿ chart/exhibit Ÿ fill-in-the-blank, and prioritization (rank-order or drag-and-drop) items Ÿ audio Ÿ video Ÿ and graphic.
2. Customize your own quiz with a name and then designate the number of questions by content area, integrated process, or client need categories—or—
3. Take a randomized quiz.
4. Review an analysis of your performance by content area, integrated process, and client need category.
5. Identify areas for additional study and create new quizzes specifically for those areas.
6. Consult the reference citation for each question to locate additional information.
7. Build your knowledge of evidence-based practice and pharmacology through questions in each content area.
8. Share your scores on Facebook.
9. E-Mail your scores.

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