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Jan 04, 2012
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Avg. score: 2
Rating: 6

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Da Hunger for iPad


Da Hunger for iPad Description

"Da Hunger" is a game-like weight loss app that can really help you slim down and eat healthier starting from day one! Hereís how it works: "Da Hunger" character becomes your out-of-shape, grotesque, alter ego that will happily consume all your unhealthy, fatty, greasy, sugary, and sinful foods for you. Whenever you crave junk food (and who doesn't), STOP and feed "Da Hunger" instead of feeding yourself.
#1- "Da Hunger" will immediately take your attention away from eating the bad stuff
#2 "Da Hunger's" appearance will make you want to skip the junk foods
#3 "Da Hunger" provides eye-opening and gross food facts to encourage you to eat healthy

Sounds simple? The best things are and this really works! The advertising-free version has more user features, food facts, and the ability to customize and weigh "Da Hunger".

This is the least expensive weight-loss program ever! Hungry children screaming while in the back seat of a car or during a problem. Hand them your phone or tablet and they can feed "Da Hunger". Getting lousy service at the restaurant? Feed "Da Hunger" until your food arrives. In the middle of a brake up? Donít bury your troubles in a pint of ice cream. Let "Da Hunger" take the weight off you! Dinner not ready for another hour? Don't snack on junk before supper, Feed "Da Hunger" and hold off for the healthy dinner with the family.

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