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Jun 18, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Customized_QuizGenerator Description

This application is designed as a framework template to create customized quizzes basically for all age groups, but would be easier to do for children including those up to the college/university levels. The quiz-taker [could be student or anyone] can take the test / examination on the IPHONE as per the teachers or quiz designers’ guidance. Teachers or quiz planners can set a question bank via this application so when the child / student/ anyone uses this same application he or she can be choose which subject quiz they wish to take and also what levels of quiz they wish to take. With this application, i.e. CQG, teachers / parents can create any number of quizzes for any standard for any topic for any subject. Anyone who wishes to take the test must register via the login screens and at the end of the test/s, instant results are available for review. .

Based on our unique framework, we believe that any institution, anywhere, can explore the larger use of our application to create tests for a variety of subjects and levels, and hence offer a good / quick assessment of students which in turn helps the organization/institutions to decide on aptitude of the person taking the tests and hence is a productive tool in the assessment process.

In addition, companies around the globe who wish to also create tests for candidates who wish to join their companies, using our framework, specialized tests can also be created to meet the same assessment and aptitude objectives.

Pages information

1) Login page:
This is the first page of application
Either quiz maker[teacher or parents] or user can login from here
Username and password for quiz maker is as follow
User name:”admin”
User need to first register him/her self before he or she appear for any quiz
Clicking on register page will open User registration page.

2) User registration page
User can register him or her self to this CQG by providing simple information like name, password age and email address.

3) Admin page
Teacher or parents can set custom quiz from this page by providing adequate information.

4) User choice page
User can set their own quiz by providing quiz detail on this page

5) Quiz page
This page will display questions to user and user has to answer the question normally answer will be either A,B,C or D. clicking on finish button will give instant result to user

6) Result page
Will display result in grade and in percentage to user.

For any further queries or information please mail us at: rajen@orionsoftware
Alternate company Id -

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