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Dec 01, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Current - Realtime Twitter Sea Description

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Do you want to stay on top of things you are interested in? Are you looking for a way to always know what people think and say about a particular subject? Current is here to help. It is a realtime Twitter search app with many features built in for your convenience.

The workflow is simple - create a search, and the app will bring up tweets that match it. Whatever it is - an event, a person, a product, or anything else - there are lots of people tweeting about that right now. You can set sophisticated queries, specifying words to include, an exact phrase to include, and words to exclude. You can even specify the language tweets are written in, so you don't have to look at ones you don't understand.

Current aims to insure that you never miss the information you are interested in. With a quick glance at the searches list you can see how many searches have new tweets. And, while you are browsing the results of a particular query, you can see how many other queries have updated since you last saw them, without having to go back and interrupt your workflow.

The app allows you to set an auto-refresh interval, so if new information comes in, it appears right before your eyes with a beautiful animation.

Stumbled upon a tweet you might need for later reference? A simple tap and you have the options to send it over email or save it as a text file so you can get it later using iTunes. If there's a link embedded in a tweet you can visit that link right from the app.


* Specify sophisticated queries with words to include, an exact phrase to include, and words to exclude
* Specify language tweets should be written in
* Instantly see what searches have new results since you last saw them
* Set an auto-refresh interval so new information appears right before your eyes
* Send tweets by email
* Save tweets as text files to get them later via iTunes
* Open links embedded in tweets
* Retina Display support

IMPORTANT: Please do not set too many searches to a short auto-refresh interval to prevent Twitter from temporarily banning you from search results

IMPORTANT: If you experience any bugs or have other questions, please visit the support webpage at or ask on Twitter @CurrentEvetone

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