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Crop a photo against a WHITE BACKGROUND with a simple diagonal drag. Display an enlarged version of a cropped area. Common aspect ratios appear as you are cropping. Features are:

- Select part of an image with a simple diagonal drag.
- View the height/width ratio as you crop, as well as common aspect ratios.
- Move the area after cropping. The plain WHITE BACKGROUND makes it easy to adjust for good tonal balance in the cropped area.
- Display and COPY a cropped area to the clipboard.
- Show the pixel size of a displayed image or crop area.
- Save to your Camera Roll (Saved Photos) with no loss of resolution. The pixel info is reported as you save.
- PASTE a copied image that you wish to crop.
- Rotate images by 90 degrees before cropping and saving.
- Save a transparent image that you have copied elsewhere.
- Use portrait or landscape mode.
- Access in-app Help.

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