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Apr 13, 2014
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Crest Description

Crest is a beautiful Twitter timeline visualizer, designed to quickly glance at your tweets and check what's going on in your feed.

Have fun reading your tweets, searching twitter and seeing your followers dropping live on the screen.

Crest is snappy and simple to use with gesture-enabled features. Swipe to say something, swipe a tweet to reply, tap a profile, a link, or a tag to view more details.

Live Feed: Crest is always streaming live. As soon as someone sends a tweet, it will instantly drop in and appear on your screen. No need to manually refresh.

Swipe to Tweet: Slide your finger from right to left to reveal the compose screen. Type in your tweet and send.

Reply: Sending a reply to a follower is a easy as composing a new tweet. Tap on one of your friends to reveal his or her tweet, then simply swipe from right to left to reply to that tweet.

Search Things: Whether you're curious about what other people have to say about a trend or a product, tap anywhere in a dark area to reveal the search field. When you're done typing, tweets matching your search will automatically appear. Clear the search to return to your timeline.

Stays On: Crest never shuts the screen off, so it will always be a beautiful display.

Portrait & Landscape: Your timeline just looks beautiful in both orientations.

View Profiles: Tap on a name or a username will reveal their profile. Swipe from left to right to view your own.

In-App Browser: Any link is viewable right in Crest. No need to switch between apps.

Show or Hide Retweets: You can choose to view or hide retweets sent by the people you follow.

Retina Ready: Crest is ready to shine with the new retina screen on iPad.

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