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Jan 28, 2010
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 5

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Creative Romantic Ideas


Creative Romantic Ideas Description

Have romance at your fingertips with this fool-proof guide to unique romantic ideas that are sure to take your love’s breath away.

• Romantic, Unique Ideas
• Step-by-Step instructions
• Ideas Categorized by effort and cost
• Suitable for all budgets/time constraints
• Descriptive Images
• Become passionate & sentimental overnight!
• Great for:
-Valentine’s day
-New Years
-Or any other occasion

*********Independent review by Ranked 3rd
This app is more than a little cheesy, but it has some genuinely good ideas. It has everything from the obvious (heart locket) to the more creative (romantic crossword puzzle). I’d definitely recommend it for anyone trying to come up with the perfect Valentine’s surprise and in need of a little inspiration. The ideas are categorized by price and difficulty level and each idea breaks down what you’ll need.

Tired of the difficulty in showing them what you mean? Simply choose an idea from the list and they’ll be in your arms, awing in no time!

Sick of the same complaints that you aren’t expressive or romantic enough? We’ve done all the hard work, so you can get all the credit for being the most romantic, thoughtful, loving person in the world!

No more cliché sending flowers or candy! These original ideas are sure to be appreciated by all; wooing has never been easier. Suitable for every budget and time constraint. Stop guessing what they’ll like and put our romantic ideas to the test.

You’ll be sure to be praised for your efforts, which they’ll think you’ve spent hours thinking of. Don’t worry—your secret’s safe with us! Happy romancing ☺

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