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Mar 23, 2014
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CPA Exam Study Flashcards


CPA Exam Study Flashcards Description

The CPA Exam Study Flashcards app will help you study for the important Certified Public Accountant Exam on the go no matter where you are! This app is also great for those that just want to learn more about accounting in general.

The Flash Cards app will let you study on the go using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Sometimes you only have a few minutes of free time and this app makes it easy to open the app and study a few questions at a time.

As you go through the flash cards you can easily mark the topics that you know and also mark those that you don't know so you can focus your studying efforts.

This app includes access to many features to help you study more efficiently. These include:
* Randomize the cards
* Email & Print PDFs of the cards
* Email cards
* Show only cards you don't know
* Show only cards you do know
* and more...

These benefits will help make your studying for the CPA Exam even easier.

All of our flash cards come from the growing community. You can even create your own account and have your public flash card sets become available in the app.

When you are studying from community flash cards please make sure to double check the accuracy of the answers. We make no warranty regarding the accuracy of the data.

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