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Jun 12, 2014
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Cozi Password Vault - Password Manager


Cozi Password Vault - Password Description

Remembering the dozens of passwords involved in daily life—from bill paying to online shopping—can be overwhelming. Store them securely and all in one place with this easy to use app!

With Cozi Password Vault, you can:
• Save an unlimited number of passwords for all your websites, services, retailers, utilities and more (plus you can store additional information like URL, username, email and notes)
• Create an unlimited number of password vaults, each with their own password for unlocking
• Create shared vaults with other family members - great for household accounts multiple adults need access to
• Create strong and secure passwords with a password generator
• Copy passwords to your clipboard with one click - no more trying to remember what password you used where
• Categorize passwords for easy retrieval
• Search for a term in any field - title, username, password, URL, email and notes
• Back up your information to iCloud - it syncs real-time
• Sync passwords across all your Apple devices and computers
• Have peace of mind knowing that your credentials are safe and private - records are ultra-secure using award-winning encryption (originally designed by the World's top security technologist!)

Other features:
• iPad retina display support
• Compatible with the popular open source Password Safe desktop app

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