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Jun 09, 2014
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Convert PDF to Text


Convert PDF to Text Description

Convert PDF to Text,A widely welcomed conversion tool, use it, you can easily convert Adobe PDF to text format,so you can send the text to your friend Anytime Anywhere Anyway

Key Features:
✓ Really attractive, super easy to use interface
✓ Import PDF from Mail, Safari, PDF Reader, GoodReader, Dropbox and other apps.
✓ Build-in Text Editor let you view and edit text files.
✓ Mail out documents as email attachments or Send files to other apps("Open In.." integration).
✓ File manager, rename, copy, move, delete and compress.
✓ Paste file(s) from clipboard (Add files from other app).
✓ Copy file to clipboard (Used for mail or other app).
✓ Wifi file transfer (Use Web Browser or WebDAV clients to Upload or Download files).
✓ USB file transfer (iTunes USB file sharing).
✓ Print PDF or Text to AirPrint-enable printers.

To extract text from a PDF file, the PDF file must meet the following conditions:
- The file is formatted to contain text and not just images.
- The file contains no security restrictions which disable text selecting.

Note: Text formatting may be lost after exacting from the original PDF file.

Quick Start
Exact text from a PDF file in mail app can be as easy as three steps:
1. Open Mail app, use "Open In.." to send source PDF file to Convert PDF to Text.
2. Go to Convert PDF to Text app, touch to open the source PDF file where text come from.
3. Click "Convert" button to extract Convert PDF to Text files.

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