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Jan 05, 2014
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Avg. score: 1.5
Rating: 5

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Contacts Synchronizer for iPad


Contacts Synchronizer for iPad Description

Transfer contacts information from any database or spreadsheet wirelessly (3G, EDGE and WiFi) to iPad's native Contacts Application.

It follows very simple approach: There are two components, one works on desktop computer running Microsoft windows and other on iPad. You just have to use the free desktop side software(iPadContactSync) to select the database you want to transfer to ipad contacts. Use iPad side software to synchronize with the Desktop component.

1. Overwrite/Adds contacts in database or spreadsheet to iPad Contacts in a separate group.
2. Other Group data will be safe while transferring contacts to specific Group of Contacts on your iPhone.
3. Supported Databases: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft FoxPro, dBase, CSV, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and any ODBC-compliant Databases.
4. Transfer data from multiple tables.
5. Wireless data transmission. Works on Cellular (3G or EDGE) and Wi-Fi.
6. Creates various Groups in iPad Contacts application. For example, you can transfer specifc contacts to a group called "Employees" and others to "Clients".
7. Data is encrypted with AES Encryption Algorithm during the transmission.
8.Supports Unicode language database such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian etc.

Download Desktop software from the following link on MS Windows base PC.

User Guide:

For more information:


Contacts Synchronizer supports following 45 fields of Contacts application of iPad.

01) Prefix
02) First Name
03) Phonetic First Name
04) Middle Name
05) Last Name
06) Phonetic Last Name
07) NickName
08) Suffix
09) Job Title
10) Department
11) Company
12) Phone Mobile
13) Phone Home
14) Phone Work
15) Phone Main
16) Phone Home fax
17) Phone Work fax
18) Phone Pager
19) Phone Other

20) Email Home
21) Email Work
22) Email Other
23) URL Homepage
24) URL Home
25) URL Work
26) URL Other
27) Home Street
28) Home City
29) Home State
30) Home ZIP
31) Home Country

32) Work Street
33) Work City
34) Work State
35) Work ZIP
36) Work Country

37) Other Street
38) Other City
39) Other State
40) Other ZIP
41) Other Country
// Dates
42) Birthday
43) Anniversary Date
44) Other Date
45) Note

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