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Mar 26, 2014
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 5523

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Coloring Book Creator


Coloring Book Creator Description

++ Instantly transform any of your pictures into an interactive, finger-paintable page from a coloring book! ++

First, tell the app which of your photos you want transformed. The original photo will not be altered. You can select any photo of any size, shape, or orientation. You can even use any image that you pulled off of the internet!

Then, the app will instantly transform your picture into a black and white stencil drawing, similar to those found in any coloring book!

Finally, use the app’s finger painting tools to finger paint in the picture!

When you’re done, you can easily set the picture as your device’s wallpaper, email it, print it, or post it!

Plus, the app comes with over 50 pre-installed coloring book pages!

Never any in-app purchases… everything’s always included. And, all updates are always free!

Rockin’ soundtrack!

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