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May 29, 2014
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Code My Note


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Proper coding of Evaluation and Management services can increase your practice revenue if you, like many physicians, frequently undercode. More importantly, proper coding and documentation is essential to surviving an audit. CodeMyNote is created by a physician for physicians and other health providers who are looking for an app that:

• calculates the appropriate Evaluation and Management billing code for a patient encounter based on the relevant documentation.

• calculates the appropriate Medicare work RVU for the encounter.

• clearly shows the documentation required for a given billing level.

• provides minimal assistance for the sake of efficiency for the user who has significant familiarity with documentation requirements.

• provides maximum assistance and Web links to references for the user who is not yet comfortable with the arcane rules for documentation and coding.

• offers useful tips to ensure that your patient encounter note contains required elements.

• provides time saving tips for documentation.

• includes a “Trailblazer” setting for users submitting Medicare claims in CO, NM, OK, and TX.

• includes calculators for the Physical Exam, Medical Decision Making, Diagnosis and Management Options, Data, and level of Risk.

The Basic version app calculates billing codes and work RVU for the following encounter types:

• Office: new patient
• Office: consult
• Office: established patient
• Hospital: initial care
• Hospital: consult
• Hospital: subsequent care

The full version ($9.99) app includes the above Office and Hospital encounters, plus:

• Emergency department encounter
• Observation: initial care
• Observation: subsequent care
• Same day admit and discharge
• Nursing facility: initial care
• Nursing facility: subsequent care
• Discharge codes

For more information visit the app’s website:

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