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Feb 01, 2012
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Rating: 6

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Cocomong Sticker Book


Cocomong Sticker Book Description

What is how to learn Hangul and English words?? Cocomong Sticker book learning them while enjoying cheerfully!!
★★“Cocomong Sticker book” which is Sister Application of “HelloCocomong VOD Part 1 of No. 1 paid-for iPad Education Category and “HelloCocomong Life” App.of No. 1 of free of charge has been launched.★★

★★ In Cocomong Sticker book, your kids can learn naturally Native American English pronunciation and words through interaction effects on 90 kinds of the beneficial fruits and vegetables’ names to children’s eating habits.★★

★★Thank you for your love and support and we will repay with the beneficial applications for children.★★

★★ What is Cocomong Sticker book?★★

▶Cocomong Sticker book consists of 90 Stickers in total 13 pages, and your children can enjoy it with a feeling as if they are seeing Cocomong VOD because it was made being based on the content of Cocomong 2.

▶Sticker play is helpful to development of children’s concentration and ability to think, hand-eye coordination, and also it can improve their language development and word learning effect.

▶It is effective in your children’s Word Learning since children can hear Hangul or native English pronunciation whenever attaches a sticker. Please coach so that children pronounce loudly according to that sounds.

▶Children can enjoy their favorite opening and ending because exciting songs come out at opening and ending.

▶Cocomong Sticker book has been improved the satisfaction of learning through this play by doubling children’s imagination, putting a drum play, coloring and puzzle function for soon tired children during the play.

▶Free stickers are opened when all stickers are completed. Please, give your children the chance so that they can express infinite imagination.

#### Our Bitplus Inc. is always creating Application with the parent’s mind as a company to develop Educational Contents Application. We will repay to the application to meet the love and expectation of children and their parents, now and forever. Thank you.####
Contact :

Introduction of BITplus Inc.

BITplus is the venture enterprise which professionally develops the contents and Smart Contents Application for education of infants and children. Our Company will become “the world’s best enterprise to develop Smart Contents which present the dreams and hopes to all the children in the world” as the company possessing the reference for developing contents of 3D Game, VOD, Interaction App.Book, 3D POP UP Book, etc. and the source technology such as 3D Engine, OpenGL-ES, Multi-Platform, etc.
Contents Partnership:

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