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Jun 11, 2014
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Cloud Publisher


Cloud Publisher Description

Easily create and publish high quality newsletters, picture collages, invitations, announcements, and “mini” websites with a few gestures.

Supports both iPad and iPhone!

Cloud Publisher allows you to publish high quality emails, post to facebook or twitter, text messages, and/or create a web site in the “Cloud” using a large number of supplied templates. Publish colorful newsletters, photo albums, project updates, family updates, invitations, holiday greetings, meeting minutes, et al. You can share items from your “Cloud” Storage Device and publish the results in a high quality email or post to friends and colleagues.

1.Fully integrated with your contacts, calendar, photo library, email and “Cloud” storage services, such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive.
2. Upload Videos to your You Tube Account and insert them into the publication, or insert any existing videos from your account.
3.Personal and Business “templates” covering most common publication types.
4.A large selection of “Cards” pre-configured for most of the common card types, like birthday, holidays, special occasions, etc.
5.A large set of built in graphical “headers”, fonts, and an icon library to enhance the look of your publication.
6.Changeable “styles” with the touch your finger.
7.Send rich emails with graphics, links, and even your own signature!
8.Send your publication to any email recipients and/or create a website in the “Cloud”
9.Advertise your publication with Email, Facebook and Twitter.
10. Create your own website using Drop Box or GoogleDrive
11. Import your own custom HTML template to infinitely customize the application for any branding requirements.
12. Organizes your photos by significant events. Pick the event and it automatically creates a photo album for you - ready for email, post to facebook, or post to twitter!
13. Insert "Web Snippets" into any text area:
- directions and a map to any location
- Local business, restaurant, or store, or point of interest with map and directions. For example: Meet me at this coffee shop!
- Facts about any person, place, or thing - sourced from a database of over 39 million facts.
- Insert the weather forecast for any location or your current location

*Cloud Publisher is free to evaluate. Upgrade to Cloud Publisher Pro when you are ready to send a high quality email, publish a web site to the “Cloud”, post to facebook or twitter.

The following is a list of the “templates” built into Cloud Publisher. These templates are fully customizable in that you are free to change headers, add pictures from your photo library or the internet.

Personal Templates

Photo Story: Publish your own story with photos and text

Newsletters: Family, Vacation, Home Project,Sports Event, What’s New

Invitations: Party, Pool Party, Open House, Dinner, Anniversary Party, Social Event, Save the Date, Play Date, Play Date, Play Bridge, Play Golf

Let’s Go
Coffee, Shopping, Movies, Drink, Lunch, Dinner

Family Reunion, Class Reunion

To Share


Business Templates

Project Management Update, Marketing Update, Sales Training Update

Customer Support Case, Project Update, Status Report, Management Communication, Meeting Summary

Can you Review?

Card Templates

Birthday, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Congratulations, Thank You, Miss You, Friend, Miss You, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day Valentine’s Day, Graduation, Get Well

Or any template you can conceive of!!!!

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