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Jun 03, 2014
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ClickCard*, the business card


ClickCard*, the business card Description

Impress your contacts with your ClickCard*. ClickCard* is a new type of business card. A “click” or “tap” on the ClickCard* opens the phone dialler, E-mail, Maps, your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Your personal ClickCard* is easy to create and looks great. Mail the ClickCard* to your contacts and they can also “click” or “tap” on your business card (when they are using Mac, iPhones/iPad, Windows PC, Linux PC, most mobile phones with internet browsing abilities).

Limitation: When opening the ClickCard* on a phone with iOS6, the pictures on the ClickCard* are not displayed.

ClickCard* can also mail your personal data as a so called ”VCard 3.0”. This “VCard 3.0” can easily be imported in the Contacts/People app or Address book of almost all smart phones and PC’s.

You can also send your business card as picture. In this way contacts with smart phones, that do not support ClickCard*, can still view your business card.

ClickCard* has a lot of input possibilities. Just enter the fields that YOU need and you are ready to use the card. The input options of ClickCard* are:
-> Enter name, function, company name, address with 2 ZIP-codes, telephone, fax, mobile, E-mail address.
-> Enter links to your social media: Web-site, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
-> Select 1 of the 6 different lay-outs.
-> Select your photo from your Gallery. Select the size of the photo .
-> Either use a background picture from your Gallery or 1 of the 5 default background pictures, one for each lay-out.
-> Set the transparency of the background from 0% up to 99% with a slider.

Some advantages of ClickCard* compared to paper business cards:
-> ClickCard* saves the forest.
-> ClickCard* is more flexible, change whenever you want.
-> ClickCard* is "clickable".
-> ClickCard* is probably less expensive.

Just try it!

-> Internet access is needed to mail to the mail-addresses (specified by you) and to follow the links to your social media, your Website and your address on the map.
-> The photo is not included in the “VCard”, because a lot of applications would reject a “VCard” with photo.
-> Clicking on a phone number does not work when a phone is not present.

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