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Apr 21, 2011
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
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Chemo Aid


Chemo Aid Description

DX Chemo Aid is a medical related app that assists patients who may be using the Penguin Cold Caps technology to reduce hair loss from chemotherapy. It allows you to set the date of each chemo treatment, and then it will schedule all the cold cap related events and prompt for each on your iOS device. This avoids using a conventional egg timer to time the 30+ events associated with each chemo treatment .

The Penguin Cold Caps therapy is a product and process developed by a UK firm and marketed by MSC (Medical Specialties of California). See their web site at for more information about their product and process.

For a typical chemo treatment using cold caps, the patient will exchange the low temperature caps about 16 times over approximately 8 hours. There are multiple steps for each exchange, with fairly strict timelines for each. DX Chemo Aid provides a simple way to schedule all of these events and activities and to alert the user for each event. It also provides detailed “HowTo” information for each step in the process.

Chemo Aid can also be used to manage the medications associated with treatment. Each medication can be added, along with the associated schedule. Schedules can be general (as in daily, weekly, etc) or tied directly to the start of chemo treatment. Many current chemo drugs have a schedule tied to the start of chemo, and DX Chemo Aid can handle the schedule for each of these as well. All scheduled medications are added to your calendar, which generates an alert for each medication at the time and date when it is taken.

DX Chemo Aid is designed for Apple iOS 5.x and iPhone 3GS, iPad, and later devices.

For further information, check the web site at:

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