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Aug 11, 2010
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Charles Reade Works


Charles Reade Works Description

Charles Reade (June 8, 1814 - April 11, 1884) was an English novelist and dramatist, best known for The Cloister and the Hearth.
Charles Reade was born at Ipsden, Oxfordshire to John Reade and Anne Marie Scott-Waring. He studied at Magdalen College, Oxford, taking his B.A. in 1835, and became a fellow of his college. He was subsequently dean of arts and vice-president, taking his degree of D.C.L. in 1847. His name was entered at Lincoln's Inn in 1836; he was elected Vinerian Fellow in 1842, and was called to the bar in 1843.He kept his fellowship at Magdalen all his life, but after taking his degree he spent most of his time in London.

This Application includes most of Charles Reade 's works which are listed underlying:

A Perilous Secret
A Simpleton
A Terrible Temptation
Christie Johnstone
Foul Play
Hard Cash
It Is Never Too Late to Mend
Love Me Little, Love Me Long
Peg Woffington
Put Yourself in His Place
The Box Tunnel
The Cloister and the Hearth
The Woman Hater
White Lies

It comes with a strong ebook reader;


1 Different reading mode:you can choose different mode according to the environment. For example,you can choose dark mode at night.You can change the font of the content.

2 You can add mark at any place you like.

3 You can write note about a certain content.

4 This app will remember your last reading position.

5 Swipe left or right to change chapters.

Every function is designed for you. Enjoying your reading!

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