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May 17, 2014
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CaseNotes Pro

CaseNotes Pro enables you to capture the information that is important to you and your business. If - like millions of people all over the world - you have embraced the iPad as a way to be mobile and flexible in the way you work, then CaseNotes is the ideal way to keep your valuable data safe and secure.

CaseNotes Pro allows you to capture and store the information you have gathered; documents, video, images and even record audio – keeping a secure record of evidence to use in building a case. It also maintains a legally admissible ‘chain of evidence’ with a secure audit trail of everything that happens with the case - all in one place.

Highly Secure

Everything you capture is immediately encrypted using industry recognised AES encryption technology – and the integrity of the information is monitored in case it is tampered with in order to meet the exacting standards of external and internal audit requirements.

Audit Trail

CaseNotes Pro will allows you to track all of the actions associated with each note or asset, so important actions or decisions are clear to see, along with when and where they were made to provide you with a full, tamper-proof, verified audit trail so you can see exactly what happened as the case evolves.

On the Go

With an application like CaseNotes Pro you will have the flexibility, functionality and ability to record and track all your important files and documents in one place – wherever you are.

CaseNotes Features;

• Create any number of cases, or bundles of cases
• Add your own notes
• Record audio in app
• Add any external document or email attachment to a case
• Export your cases via password protected ZIP archives – by email or iTunes Filesharing
• Everything you do is geo-located, time stamped and audited
• Add pictures from your camera roll, or take them in app
• Data encrypted using AES 256bit Key Encryption
• Import Video evidence from your camera roll – or capture it in app

Once purchased you can register for FREE support.

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