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Jul 22, 2013
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CartoonViewer - Cartoon Network TV Viewer (Cartoon, Movies, Songs, Vid

CartoonViewer - Cartoon Networ Description

Cartoon Network TV is one of the top kids TV channel in US. Does your kids like it? They can watch it on iPad now. CartoonViewer is a must-have app for watching Cartoon Network TV videos on iPad. It's a full-featured YouTube app that build for Kids *AND* Parent.

1. Cartoon Network TV Video Library and Viewer

* Include 53 Cartoon Network TV programs. (See below for full program list)
* Thousands Cartoon Network TV video entries classified by program, playlist and channel in library.
* Periodical online database update available.
* Enhanced video viewer that support different video quality, repeat/continuous playing.
* Watch it on TV. (Airplay support required).
* Intuitive UI that designed for Kids.

2. Parent Control

If your kids love YouTube, but you don't want them to be exposed everything from YouTube, control the watching time, then this app is what you are looking for.

* Watch time control
* Passcode protection for parents.
* Safe search filter for kids.
* Video library access control (add/delete).
* Video explore and navigation control.

3. Cartoon Network TV Video Library Management Tool

CartoonViewer come with a powerful video library management tool. It's intuitive and easy to use. You can build a better video library that dedicated for your kids.

* Add/delete program
* Add/delete video
* Add/delete playlist
* Add/delete channel
* Search suggestion based on library entry type (program, video, playlist and channel).

4. YouTube Navigator

This is for Parent or Kids (if you like). Enable parent control and turn on navigator passcode, you can prevent your kids to access improper video from navigator.

YouTube Navigator is designed and developed with the hope to give you the fastest and easiest way to browse and watch high-quality videos. With a convenient, friendly and easy-to-use interface in retina resolution, not only you can enjoy videos in the same way as you do on Youtube, it also gives you premium features which no other applications of the same type can provide you with.

* Abundant navigation options, more than any other YouTube app.
* Enhanced video player that support different video quality, repeat/continuous playing.
* Sign in to personalize your experience: get the latest videos from your subscriptions, personalized recommendations, access your playlists, uploads.
* Intuitive UI provide a better surfing experience.
* Read/submit comments, browse related video and more - all while watching.
* Simple video sharing through social network.
* Easy search (search suggestion)by key words for video, playlist and channel.
* Auto-play of the next video in a playlist.
* Order videos for easy viewing according to Locations, Sort by (relevance, date, view count, rating) and Time (all, today, this week).
* And more ……

5. Include following Cartoon Network TV Programs
1. Adventure Time
2. Bakugan
3. Batman
4. Ben 10
5. Beyblade
6. Camp Lazlo
7. Chowder
8. Class of 3000
9. CodeName
10. Courage the Cowardly Dog
11. Cow and Chicken
12. DI-Gata Defenders
13. Dexter's Laboratory
14. Ed, Edd n Eddy
15. Evil Con Carne
16. Generator Rex
17. Green Lantern
18. Hero: 108
19. I Am Weasel
20. Johnny Bravo
21. Jonny Test
22. Lego
23. Lego Ninjago
24. Looney Tunes
25. Mad
26. Metajets
27. My Gym Partner's a Monkey
28. Pokémon
29. Redakai
30. Regular Show
31. Riders of Berk
32. Robotboy
33. Robotomy
34. Samurai Jack
35. Scan2Go
36. Scaredy Squirrel
37. Sidekick
38. Squirrel Boy
39. Symbionic Titan
40. Teen Titans Go
41. The Amazing World of Gumball
42. The Garfield Show
43. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
44. The Looney Tunes Show
45. The Powerpuff Girls
46. The Problem Solverz
47. The Secret Saturdays
48. Tom and Jerry
49. Tom and Jerry Tales
50. Toonami
51. Transformers
52. What's New Scooby-Doo?
53. Young Justice

All videos are from the public domain or published under authorization of their respective owners.

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