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Oct 10, 2013
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Carp Fishing Guide: How To Catch Carp


Carp Fishing Guide: How To Cat Description

Want to learn how to catch big carp?

Need the latest hints and tips to help you catch more carp, wherever in the world you are?

Then this app is perfect for you.

Aimed at the novice and intermediate-standard carp angler, ‘Catch Carp’ takes you through everything you need to know to put big carp on the bank.

We start by looking at the anatomy of the fish – showing you how a carp feeds and how sensitive its olfactory system is, and what that means for you, the angler.

Once you’ve learned about this, we move onto the bank to show you how to use a marker float to find a hotspot.

Most importantly of all, this app also includes a comprehensive rig section, with clear, interactive, step-by-step guides to tying all the rigs you’ll ever need.

Buy this app and you will learn how to tie:

•The Chod Rig
•The Line Aligner Rig
•The KD Rig
•The Blow-Back Rig
•The Terry Hearn-style Hinged Stiff Rig

We’ll also show you how to tie essential knots, like the Knotless Knot, and explain what sort of hooks and lead arrangements you should be using, and when.

We talk about the kind of kit you’ll need (it doesn’t have to be expensive!) and reveal our recommended rods, reels and shelters – gear that won’t cost the earth.

Combined with top bait tips, top PVA tips and even a list of recommended open-access waters to try across the country, this WILL help you catch carp – we almost guarantee it!

Catch Carp is brought to you by the expert team of journalists working on the UK’s most-read carp fishing magazine, UK Carp – which is published once a month as part of the Angling Times and, from August 2013, on the Apple Newsstand.

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