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Jun 05, 2014
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Business Idea Premium


Business Idea Premium Description

This application is designed exclusively for the people associated with Amway business!

Premium version advantages:
- No advertising!
- Switching between screens using left and right "swipe" gestures
- Preview of all the slides with automatic transition to the selected one
- change the sequence of slides in your marketing plan (long press on the selected slide and drag&drop on the new position)
- enable and disable the slideshow
- create, save and edit the new plans
- Instant access to the lower menu; when returning to the plan you will continue with the last viewed slide, but not from the first one
In Settings menu:
- Activation and editing of additional slides
- Hiding the agreement
- Australia region
- India region

Constantly growing functionality of navigation features and self-editing the application.

"Business Idea" is a great tool for presenting an Amway business plan. All the necessary information at your fingertips at any time of the day or night. No need to take the time to write and draw something. Everything is ready for you.

Language: English, Russian
Region: North America, Australia.

We look forward to constructive suggestions for improving the application.

Please contact us if you want to see our application in your language and for your country.

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