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BuddyGuard VIP 1.2.1

BuddyGuard is a personal security application for your iPhone.

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With two taps, your phone will begin recording images, audio, and your GPS location and sending them to a server in the cloud. It's like your own black box.

No matter what happens to you or your device, the evidence captured will be sent to friends, family, or GEOS Response who can coordinate with local law enforcement, medical responders, or search and rescue teams if you fail check in.

When activated, an alert is sent to friends, family, or GEOS the moment your body is in a free-fall without you ever having to press a button.

When activated, an alert is sent the moment the phone detects an impact registering 5 G's or more. The average bike crash is 10 G's and the average car crash is 30 G's.

With the press of a button, your contact list will be immediately alerted and sent your GPS location.

GEOS RESPONSE (Premium Upgrade)
GEOS Response is a global 24/7 response team that can coordinate with law enforcement, medical responders, search and rescue no matter where you are in the world for less than .40 cents a day. 

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