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Feb 06, 2014
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BSC Personal: Balance Scorecard Personal


BSC Personal: Balance Scorecar Description

You know what the most successful people in all areas have in common? You're right: decision and discipline ... objectives, goals and dreams can be a great combination, but without the tools to organize they're just a desire ... Do you want to let time go without taking any advantage? Will you put more excuses this year? Do you regret because you feel is always late?

The purpose of this application is help people organize their personal goals so you can measure your progress so you can, truly and without pretenses, fulfilling what has been proposed.

Application features:
- The app works offline

- The application runs on iPad.

- The design is functional for the user to enter information.

- The user can create the accounts you want.

- Option to enter up to seven objectives for each of the five areas.

- You can enter unlimited indicators and activities for each objetive.
And so now you know all the uses this application offers for you… What are you waiting for?? Enjoy and recommend this marvellous application to others, it’s a real ‘must have’ in your favourite device!

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