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Jun 24, 2013
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Blacklist-Unwanted Call Blocker


Blacklist-Unwanted Call Blocke Description

»»» Black List Application is a powerful tool of blocking and a solid security of unwelcome calls.
»»» After installing this application, you will get rid of boring advertising, commercial agents with attracting offers and phone hackers once for all.

►Black List will create a list of telephone numbers that will function as a filter in your phone. All the subscribers whose number is entered in this list couldn’t disturb you with their calls and sms. By default there are entered all the well-known telephone numbers of commercial agents and call operators from all over the world. Moreover, any user’s telephone number can be entered or deleted from black list.

◘◘◘ Due to Black List you will get the opportunity to control your incoming calls and sms by yourself.
Secure yourself from unwelcome talks and save your private time you spend by getting distracted to the things you are not interested in.

▪ Possibility to block any incoming call of any subscriber.
▪ To switch off the sound of incoming call.
▪ To take off a call image.
▪ Incoming calls are saved in the log for browsing.
▪ Possibility to install the same ringtone for all the telephone numbers containing
in the database.
▪ Automatic entering of new telephone numbers in the database.
▪ Interface of number input for entering in the database.

»» Any telephone number can become temporarily unavailable if you know that somebody will call you and you want to avoid a certain talk or invitation but to stay in touch with the other subscribers.

Now all the call operators, ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends, network marketing friends and well-known sms-terrorists are under your control.

•• Black List guarantees your peace and security of your privacy during working and leisure time.


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