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Jun 04, 2014
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Black and White Scanner


Black and White Scanner Description

The best document imaging ever! Easy to use, portable, and fast—the Black and White Scanner app is the only scanning solution you need!
Forget the hefty desktop scanners! The Black and White scanner app is a complete tool for scanning documents at your desk or wherever you do business. Business documents, letters, and photographs are just some of the items you can scan—in seconds, with a minimal compression size, and of the highest quality!
1. Press the camera icon.
2. Position your mobile device over the item you want to scan.
3. Tap anywhere on the screen to capture the image.
You can customization the image, but these three easy steps are all it takes to create a document image—from anywhere!
*Powerful 3-Step Image Capturing* – This app includes a special image processing algorithm that removes all shadows. The unique scanning process is also capable of compressing the files down to a small size.

*Extensive Size Customization Options* - Choose your size. The default size for each document scan is US Letter. Want a different size? Choose a pre-set size such as A4-Landscape, or specify a custom size.

*Advanced Image Adjustment* - If your scanned image has a lot of extra space or contains content you don’t want, you can use the crop feature. The app also lets you adjust the contrast, rotate the image, adjust the position of the document, and zoom the image you want to scan.

*Multiple Document Image Storage* - Your most recently edited image is copied to the clipboard. Each document image is automatically given a default number. If you want to reorder the images, simply renumber them!

*PDF Export Options* - Send a single or multi-file PDF of your document image to an email address or to another device on your mobile device. The Black and White Scanner app automatically locates apps on your device when you choose to send a PDF.

*PNG Export Option* - Save your document image to e-mail or other apps in your image library. Choose from multiple resolutions and destinations.

*Easy Navigation* - Using the Black and White Scanner app is very simple. When you first start using the app, there are tips that pop up to give you guidance and notes for the best experience. As you become more experienced with the app you can choose to turn off the tips.

The Black and White Scanner app is a best-selling document imaging app. Download the app today and make your life more efficient!

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