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Jun 12, 2014
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Big Game Logic


Big Game Logic Description

The Big Game Logic app from is the premier, most complete app available for the Big Game hunter on the iPhone.

This app is the complete tool for hunters who want to Master the Hunt! Working seamlessly with the website, the app allows the avid hunter to:

- Create hunting camps detailing their hunting areas.
- Designate locations for hunting stands and blinds, food plots, scouting cameras, and other deer sign, such as rubs and scrapes, water sources, and bedding areas.
- Create photo albums of your deer camera images, designated by the camera location
- Track active and historical deer sightings and categorize them into phases of the rut and attach weather and lunar tables
- Track that Trophy, and once harvested, show the history of the hunt of that deer.
- View heat mapping of activity in their hunting area to better understand the movement of the herd or a specific deer.
- Connect via social media with other hunters and Share the Hunt. and the BigGameLogic app take the geoloaction and time stamp from photos and automatically ties the weather and moon phase to the image

Note: use of the app and website requires registration. By registering, you are creating a secure location for all your data, ensuring 100% privacy to your data, while allowing the hunter to share as they choose with other hunters from their camps or hunting parties.

Note: Map images require internet access. However, your GPS will function well, and all data is stored and then synched once internet connection is restored.

The app works hand in hand with the internet site, giving you unprecedented access to your scouting and management data.

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